Numbered Hairs

September 13, 2019
McKenzie Jones

I was trying to decide if I should tell you this story; but since I felt so nervous to be so vulnerable, I really think I should because it’s the little things that matter. They may seem so insignificant, but they add up to the big things. Big blessings. Big consequences. That is why, just a few weeks ago, I was having a little talk with God about hair. Yep... something relatively unimportant. 

Every six months or so, I love to get highlights or balayage in my hair. While I’m doing that I’ll get a fresh haircut; and now that I’m pushing forty, I’ll get my gray hairs covered professionally at that time too. Other than that, I may get my hair trimmed here or there, and then I dye the roots myself to keep it up. You know, the messy way in the bathroom when you’re trying not to touch your shower curtain or ruin your hand towel with hair dye, but it saves you so much money. It’s worth the risk. 

You may be thinking, nice, but what does God have to do with this; and why do I need a detailed description of your hair routines? You see, God has brought us to a time in our family where our money goes toward living in an expensive city, and our time goes to loving the city God has called us to. We love it! I wouldn’t call it glamorous. But, God’s will is written all over it, and our family lives and breathes this life.

So, back to my talk with God. I knew we didn’t really have the money for me to get my hair done right now, and I didn’t want to take resources God had provided for rent and food and spend it on something so frivolous. But, I wasn’t exactly happy to tell Him I wouldn’t get my hair done. Here’s the thing, we were going to be in a missions conference in North Carolina, and we would be seeing family we hadn’t seen in over three years while we were there. If you’re a girl, then you probably know exactly what I was feeling when I tell you I {WANTED} to do this. I wrestled with it. I mean, so dumb. It’s hair! No big deal, right? 

To say I talked with God about it off and on for a couple weeks would be accurate. I said things like, “I will not go if you don’t want me to, but you know I really want to do this. I just need you to make it clear.” Then, I made and almost canceled my appointment at a nice salon just up the street from my house. It wasn’t the one I usually went to, but one of the stylists had over 200 great reviews on Yelp. 

In the midst of my praying and musing, my friend gave me a very unexpected Visa gift card for helping her with a project (a project I wanted to help her with just because she’s my friend). She said, “I wanted you to have this, and I think it has around $80.” I had briefly shared my thoughts on my hair dilemma with her that day as we talked. She continued, “Maybe you can put it towards doing your hair.” I smiled and tried to refuse it by letting her know I just wanted to help. Plus, that was too much money for what I did even if I did accept it. She really insisted. So, I took it. 

I still had no peace on what I was going to do. Hair appointment or no hair appointment- that was the question. I just wanted what God wanted. I just kinda hoped He wanted me to get my hair done. 

Finally, I decided to move or cancel the appointment, but it was too late. The salon was closed when I called. I didn’t want to cancel on the stylist at the last minute the following business day. That’s just rude. Plus, a lot of places just end up charging you 50% for a last minute cancellation anyway.

I had total peace the day I went. I decided I would enjoy my time in the salon chair and hopefully get the opportunity to talk with the stylist about Jesus. Fast forward to the end of the appointment... the conversation was over. My hair was done. It looked great, and it was time to pay. For hair my length and thickness, I was ready to cough up over $200. Ouch! Hopefully, the husbands don’t read this. Kidding, kidding.. Phillip knows how much it typically costs. 

I asked my stylist the big question. How much do I owe you? My stylist said, “$85.” I said... “That’s it?! You sure?” Had he just forgotten? I just spent three hours in his chair! “Yes, $85,” he said. I hurried and pulled out my card to pay like I was afraid he was going to change his mind. 

$85... that may not seem like a big deal to you, but that was a miracle to me. 

It seemed especially significant because my hair is really {SO} insignificant in the scheme of things. Yet, it mattered to God. Not only that, the Visa gift card my friend had given me had exactly $88 dollars on it. P.S. I did tip him well for those of you worrying, at this moment, I may have only left him a $3 tip. 

As I was thanking him and preparing to leave, he said, “Please take my business card, and send me the link to your church website. I’m really interested in coming.” Wow! Too much, God. You are too good. So great. Your promises are true. I walked away thinking to myself. He definitely cares about every hair on my head, and He truly delights in giving us the desires of our heart when we are seeking Him with our whole heart. In the process, He gives us the opportunity to reach out to people who He has on His heart. 

“But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.” Luke 12:7

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