The Stay at Home Mom Dilemma

June 17, 2020
McKenzie Jones

Dear Christian stay at home mama,

I know the lies of the Enemy. You feel your job isn’t important and could be done by anyone while you go out and do something more glamorous- more noticeable- more “life-changing.”

You may feel “little” -unimportant- when you write “stay at home mom” or “homemaker” on some application or form. Why? Your job is so immensely valuable. It would make sense the Enemy would lie to you like that.

If you’re called to be a stay at home mom:

1. Don’t operate in guilt.
2. Don’t try to prove yourself to everyone.
3. Don’t stuff your schedule so full to feel worthy of staying home.
4. Do read the Word.
5. Do soak it in.
6. Do pray.
7. Do listen to God. Really listen.

Do I say all this because I’ve always been the perfect mom? Nope. Sometimes I’ve done it all wrong.

Plus, I haven’t always been a stay at home mom. If you're a working mom reading this, this post might even hurt your heart a little. Do. Not. Operate. In. Guilt. Life has seasons and callings. Do yours with joy! There is nothing to regret if you're doing God's will for you. I was also a teacher for 7 years, and now I volunteer many hours a day for our church. But.... of all the “jobs” I have had, motherhood was my favorite in every season.

My three treasures are growing up or are basically grown men. I see the fruit, of the “sacrifice,” of the humbleness called motherhood, and I cherish this role more than I ever thought I could.

Make good choices, mama. If you’ve messed it all up, God is there to give wisdom. If your kid has messed up, there is sweet love and hope to share with them. God forgives completely. His ways are so simplistic they are often overlooked. He doesn’t clamor for us loudly like the other voices out there. His voice is much clearer and softer. You’ll hear Him in the stillness. Listen, sweet mama.

Be honest with yourself about the value of your mission. You’re raising the next generation.

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